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Ask me about any questions you have. Except for, "Why is the world round." I still have a few years until I learn that. And lets keep it to Reefquest subjects, please.

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Dylan can you tell everyone how you got interested in Coral Reef?
I have been swimming @kahekili for several years. I started to see that the reef was changing so i decided to research it. That research resulted in the creation of reefquest. I have been working ever since.

Do you think there is any hope in saving coral reefs?

Yes I think there is a lot of hope. Kahekili reef, for example, is now a Herbivore Fisheries Management Area, a new concept in marine protected areas, where only the herbivores are protected. That way fishing can still happen, but the herbivores can thrive to keep the algae under check. By educating ourselves, treading lightly on the environment and respecting the natural balance of the Islands we can make a difference and can save the reefs.


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