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Hi everyone.

My name is Charlie Schneider, and I am an author living in the UK. I write mostly in sci-fi, fantasy, and horror, however I have also collaborated on non-fiction books. 

I have seen the excellent work that goes on here, and the amazing work done by ReefQuest to promote marine environmental stewardship, and I would love to help. I was wondering if anyone would like me to produce a short (~2,000 words) book for an age range of 5 - 10 years old for children. I would take no profit from this, all money earned going directly to ReefQuest. 

Self-publishing services such as Amazon's Createspace, and lulu.com make it easier for authors to publish their work. If anyone is interested in collaborating (providing pictures, etc), I would be willing to help. 

If anyone is interested in helping, please respond or email me. 


- CS

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Aloha Charlie!

My name is Adi and I know Dylan personally from Maui.  What kind of pictures are you looking to have for your book?  I am an artist and he knows my work.  You can reach me at adi.by.design@gmail.com



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