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Eyes of the Reef (EOTR) Live Coral Cover and Type Survey

Welcome to ReefQuest Citizen Science!

Welcome to the Virtual Reef Eyes of the Reef  Live Coral & Types Survey Activity data entry page. You should have already read and collected data using the Eyes of the Reef Live Coral & Coral Type Survey Activity Guide before entering any data on this page. If you have not done so, follow the link and collect data first following the steps indicated there. You will need copies of the Eyes of the Reef Network Report Forms, as well as Percent Estimating Charts and Coral ID Cards to correctly collect data from the Virtual Reef and enter it here. All these items are available for download in the Activity Guide. 

Finally ONLY use this online form to enter data collected from the Virtual Reef. Do not enter here information collected in the water or for other reefs. 

See here  the raw data and see details for each entered sector. If you wish to access the full database or conduct your own analysis of the data set please email us for a copy of the data in exportable data formats.

The more people perform analysis pursuant to this protocol the more statistically accurate our data will be. We thank you for taking the time to perform this valuable effort.

Your data will automatically be entered in our database. The results update in real-time here and in the visualization page.


You can see a demographic summary of the contribution data. 



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