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Visualize the Kahekili Virtual Reef Survey Data

Welcome to the analytical page of the Virtual Reef, where you can visualize in real time the results from the the on-going virtual surveys being conducted by our citizen scientists using the Virtual Reef. The data accessed below updates in real time as new measurements are entered.


To interpret this data please refer to each Virtual Survey's Activity Guide in the knowledge base. For your convenience we have put  easy links to the Activity Guides bleow. 


Live Coral and Coral Types in the 2011 Kahekili Virtual Reef

These are the results of of the Live Coral Cover and Coral Type Virtual survey. To interpret the data see the Activity Guide in the knowledge base. 


Percent of Coral Types across all Transects

Percent of Live Coral Cover



Coral Watch Survey on the 2011 Kahekili Virtual Reef

Coral Watch is a protocol to measure color hue and intensity across transects and extrapolate coral bleaching and coral health information. See the Coral Watch Activity Guide description to understand how to interpret the data shown below. 


CoralWatch Color Score by Coral Type

CoralWatch Color Score Distribution by Coral Type

CoralWatch Summary of Coral Color

Percent of Coral Types Surveyed


More surveys are being added all the time. Check back with us for more. 


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