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Dylan Vecchione to feature Kahekili Reef conservation at TEDxTeen talk

Dylan Vecchione will speak of the importance of citizen science and of taking action in the context of Kahekili Reef conservation efforts. 

The theme of the fourth annual TEDxTeen conference, “The Audacity of whY,” aims to focus the conversation

on Generation Y and their power to change the world.

As with TEDxTeen 2012, the conference will be webcast the conference live from New York City to provide access to viewers worldwide. Weʼre also encouraging ReefQuest members,  individuals, groups, and organizations to host viewing parties of the event. Thereʼs no fee associated with hosting an official viewing party, just compliance with TEDʼs rules.

TEDx viewing parties must be free of charge to an audience of up to 100 people, show the webcast free of
any advertising or promotion for sponsors, and follow TEDʼs guidelines regarding commercial and noncommercial
venues. Though the conference is best viewed in its entirety, viewing parties in different time
zones and hosts facing other scheduling issues may show just one or two sessions and still register as an
official viewing party for TEDxTeen. Visit TEDxTeen website to download the complete list of rules and webcast

If youʼd like to find out more about how to host a viewing party for TEDxTeen 2013, please contact Amber,
TEDxTeen Community Catalyst, at amber@tedxteen.com. Weʼre eager to brainstorm ways to tailor your
viewing party to your communityʼs needs and interests.

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