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Documentary: Corals of the Mediterranean (May 2009)

Coral – coral reef - gorgonian - Mediterranean – Marine Protected Areas – jewelry – bleaching - bottom trawling – climate change – threatened species - ocean – sea
Coral – arrecife de coral - gorgonia - Mediterráneo – Áreas Marinas Protegidas – joyería – blanqueamiento - arrastre de fondos – cambio climático – especies amenazadas - océano - mar

More than 200 species of corals, gorgonians and anemones live in the Mediterranean Sea. Climate change, pollution and destructive fishing are hastening their deterioration. This is why Oceana is calling for the urgent protection of Mediterranean coral reefs.
1. The corals of the Mediterranean http://oceana.org/fileadmin/oceana/uploads/europe/reports/Corals_Mediterranean_eng.pdf
2. Global warming causes the disappearance of corals http://eu.oceana.org/en/eu/media-reports/features/global-warming-causes-the-disappearance-of-corals-and-beaches

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